Jetpack4.6 install error


Because some driver only support jetpack4.6, I need downgrade jetpack5.1 to jetpack4.6.
I use sd card image to install, but Xavier can’t work and show error message.
message is "Pres ESC in 5 seconds to skip startup.nsh or any other key to contunue. Shell> "

anyone can help me?


Please have a host PC to install SDK manager to flash your Xavier NX device via JetPack.

Why can’t use SD card image?

There is a QSPI image which need to be flashed by JetPack/SDKM. This (QSPI) boot content of 4.x releases is incompatible with that of 5.x releases.

but I use 4.6 upgrade to 5.1 not change QSPI.

We have mentioned at this instruction that QSPI image needs to be updated.
I don’t know why it’s working on your case.
The only suggestion I can give is to flash your device with SDK manager via JetPack.

Sometimes QSPI can automatically upgrade, but it has no ability to downgrade. I wouldn’t trust automatic upgrades anyway (I recommend flashing QSPI always upon change of release unless OTA update did the job).

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Thank your explanation! I will use SDK manager to slove this problem.

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