Camera disconnection/connection handling

When the camera is disconnected, the board return timeout, when connected, we must be stop the stream and then start the stream. how to handle that without stop and then start stream?


Don’t support it in current driver implement.

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Where we can handle it? In app, camera, … .

You can check the sampe userAutoExposure in MMAPI to handle the error.
Current must close and restart the pipeline to recovery it.

On Jetpack 4.6.3, the error handling is also present in


Please also refer to the sample.

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I checked it, it is for capture with argus, the colorspace of the video is yuv or rgb. Can we use it?

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we will check it.

In JP 4.6.3, there are no Driver Package (BSP) Sources for nano. How can we access it?

Please install the samples through SDKManager. After the installation, you shall see the samples in


Yes, I will check it,
I asked this question with a different intention. I want to know,how can access Driver Package (BSP) Sources for nano?

We will check why source code package for Jetson Nano is missing. So you use both TX2 and Jetson Nano? This topic is in TX2 category and the query is for Jetson Nano. It is a bit confusing.

yes, I use both.

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The Driver Package (BSP) Source for Nano and TX2 has been uploaded, Thanks


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