Camera Hardware Interface supporting NVMM

1.) Which hardware interfaces ( MIPI CSI, PCIe, USB…) on Jetson Xavier AGX support the NVMM/dma memory context in gstreamer.
2.) Are the gst elements nvv4lcamerasrc and nvarguscamerasrc only useable with CSI MIPI cameras, or also with PCIe?

If your source supports v4l2, you can capture frame data into NvBuffer (NVMM buffer). For gstreamer, please use nvv4l2camerasrc.

For special resolution you would need to consider data alignment. Please refer to the topic:
YUV camera(5.4M) preview issue - #19 by DaneLLL

The nvv4l2camerasrc is open source, if you need to do customization, may download the source code and check.

Thanks for the answer. I already understand that nvv4lcamerasrc ist for v4l2 sources that need no pixel preprocessing like debayer. Anyway does that mean that a camera that will be implemented via an FPGA connected to the PCIe Bus like her:

can be accessed be the nvv4lcamerasrc with NVMM support?

If you can capture frames through v4l2-ctl command and the format is supported, nvv4l2camerasrc should work fine. General formats are YUV422 such as UYVY, YUYV. For certain special resolutions, you would need to consider data alignment.

A topic about alignment:
Memory for NvMap - #10 by DaneLLL

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