Camera Synchronization on Tx2i

Hi! I recently implemented a libargus application which takes repeated captures from two cameras at the same time by calling a repeat capture request on each camera separately. This works as I expected, but when I evaluated the timestamps of the images using the ICaptureMetadata, I found that (through multiple runs of the program), the image pairs could be as desynchronized as 30ms, or even more. I realize this is due to making separate calls to repeat, but is there any way to synchronize these images? I read something about making some cameras slaves to others, is that possible in a libargus application?

For reference, I am using Sony IMX274LQC camera sensors with the Leopard Imaging MIPI-CS camera interface.

hello tganger,

there’s Argus example to enable dual camera within the single capture session.
it’s software approach for the dual cam synchronization. i.e. Argus/public/samples/syncSensor

That works, thanks!