Can CUDA toolkit 3.0 work on Windows 10 or 7?

My computer with Windows 10 has NVIDIA Quadro K420 and Visual Studio 2015.
I plan to install CUDA to test whether CUDA can improve the speed of solving the matrix equation or multiplication of matrix and vector.
But from the information of GPUs supported, I found that Quadro K420 may be supported by only CUDA 3.0.
Is it possible that CUDA toolkit 3.d0 install on Windows 10 or 7?

You might be confusing two things… Quadro K420 supports Compute Capability 3.0, so you will be able to use it just fine.

See the following table for CUDA Toolkit versions compute capability requirements:

The wikipedia entry on CUDA is also useful to see what the differences are between compute capability versions:

Newer GPUs (generally) have a higher compute capability version, and thus support more CUDA features.

Hi Vacaloca
Thank you for your information.
I still do not know how to choose CUDA Toolkit.

  1. Using the latest CUDA 8.0 on my computer: Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 to test Quadro K420.
  2. Using the old CUDA 3.0 on my computer: Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 to test Quadro K420.

For 1), the problem is that CUDAO 8.0d may not support Quadro K420.
For 2), the problem is that Visual Studio 2015 may not support CUDA3.0

So I am very confusing.
Could you give a suggestion?


CUDA 8.0 supports Quadro K420. Use CUDA 8.0

Don’t use CUDA 3.0

Hi txbob:
Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will try to do it in my computer (Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015) and see what happens.