Can I apply Artifact Reduction / Super Resolution /Upscale filters in real time?

Does anyone have experience or insight in applying AR/SR/Upscale filter in real time? Is this possible? What what I can tell, AR is possible, but not sure about SR/Upscale.


  Yes, both of these can be run in real-time (Artifact Reduction and Upscale/Super Resolution).    Upscale is lighter in the processing and you can run multiple streams simultaneously.   With Super Resolution you should be able to run a stream in real-time depending on your hardware and the resolution.   There is a mode setting for Super Resolution that includes the artifact reduction and Super Resolution.   If you have heavily processed/artifacted videos with big block artifacts and/or banding, I would recommend using that mode.   If you have clean video, such as from a webcam or high quality video source, you may want to just run the super resolution or upscale.   You might also consider the denoising, if you’re seeing noise in the video.
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