Can I change PxReal to use double precision in the free version of PhysX?

I am not sure if that is something you need the source for or not. Doesn’t PhysX need to be recompiled to support doubles? I am considering migrating to the PhysX engine, but MUST be able to use double precision for world coordinates.


I’m also interested in using PhysX in double precision. There is a precompiler flag PX_FOUNDATION_USE_F64, but I was not able to link the free version using this.


Over a year later, I am still interested in this. Has NVIDIA changed their stance on this at all?

PhysX does not support double precision at this point. Only the character controller library is using double precision for some part of the logic. Even with source access, switching from single to double precision will not work out of the box since a lot of paths are optimized for single precision or use SIMD.
If the motivation behind the question is about supporting big game worlds, then this is something we are looking into but an official release date for this feature can not be provided at this point.

Thanks Michael. That is exactly the information I needed. Looking forward to seeing your solution for big game worlds.

@MichaelPhysX Is this still the case, does PhysX still not have complete support for double precision? Are there any plans to add support for this, or would it be possible to modify PhysX to support double precision myself?