Can I connect 3 sensors to jetson nano?

We designed a new carrier board with 4 sensor connectors.
But I don’t know how to edit the .dts and .dtsi files.

Have a check below programing guide.

I have read this and I know how to register a new sensor in kernel device tree.The problem is that I don’t know how to config i2c.
In my design I have three MIPI cameras.One camera uses the CAM_I2C_SDA and CAM_I2C_SCL,one camera uses I2C0_SCL and I2C0_SDA,one camera uses I2C1_SCL and I2C1_SDA.Can it works?Should all cameras use CAM_I2C_SDA and CAM_I2C_SCL?Thanks a lot.

If those camera are different slave address then yes, otherwise you need connect to different bus or have HW connect after i2c mux chip like reference board e3333.

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I want connect those camera to different bus,is there any examples?

Sorry, don’t have this kind of reference board. I believe you can check the programing to modify the dts

oh no

You can reference to two sensor on different bus and enhance to three by yourself.


Thank you for the info.