Can Jetson Nano boot FreeBSD?

I am interested in purchasing Jetson Nano as a hobbyist ARM development platform.
Occasionally, I may also use it for watching videos.

I know that ARM is well supported on FreeBSD.
Has anyone tried installing or booting FreeBSD on a Jetson Nano?
If so, does Ethernet, HDMI, and DisplayPort work?

Thank you.

I would like to tell the default is not support FreeBSD and it could be a lot of work to migrate to it.

Will someone add the support to Freebsd?

We are looking at it @ Optim Enterprises BV for as a security appliance like OPNsense with 4-8 Gigabit nics …

Interesting article on FreeBSD + Jetson TK1

FreeBSD 13 booting on a Nano