Can modulus be used to make an AI-OpenFoam module?

OpenFoam is an important Computation Fluid Dynamics application. There are projects to take advantage of deep learning, such as :

  • A Case Study on Coupling OpenFOAM with Different Machine Learning Frameworks

  • Deploying deep learning in OpenFOAM with TensorFlow

In the second paper 'the DL module is constructed with the TensorFlow C API and is integrated into OpenFOAM as an application that may be linked at run time. ’

Is Nvidia Modulus useful for such purposes? Are there any experiments?

Hi @joepareti54

Yes Modulus is a training platform for physics-informed neural networks which can be trained to predict various fluid quantities such as the flow field, closure models, boundary layer, etc. Once the PyTorch model is trained, the deployment is up to the user, just like any PyTorch model. We don’t have any specific examples with a direct OpenFOAM integration at the moment, however we have tested internally solver integration of neural networks with solvers with success.

You may be interested in the following examples which involve fluid systems: