Role of Modulus in the "Building a Data Center Digital Twin" Scenario?

Hello everyone,

I recently watched the video titled “Building a Data Center Digital Twin with Omniverse and Air.” In the video, it was mentioned that Modulus is used to accelerate CFD analysis during the data center design stage.

I’m curious about the scale of the CFD analysis that was processed in this specific case. Was the analysis focused on the server room level, or did it cover a larger area within the data center? I also noticed the reference to the NVSWITCH HEAT SINK in the video.

From what I understand, the typical flow of data center CFD analysis involves simulating airflow, temperature distribution, and related factors using specialized software such as 6sigmaDCX. Subsequently, Modulus can be utilized to train machine learning models based on the outcomes of these simulations.

I’m interested to know if NVIDIA can provide more detailed case studies or examples that highlight the practical application of Modulus in data center CFD analysis. Are there any resources that study deeper into the specific use cases and outcomes showcased in the video?

For reference, here’s the link to the video I’m referring to: Building a Data Center Digital Twin with Omniverse and Air | NVIDIA On-Demand

Thank you!

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