Fluid simulation

i’m working on a problem similar to Conjugate Heat Transfer example. I have a channel where a hot fluid (air) heats a piece and an outlet where the fluid can exit the channel.
I want to create a simulation of the fluid in this channel, i introduced the “t” variable in Navier-Stokes equation and modify the constraints adding parameterization: time_range (time_range my interval of simulation).
From the outputs i’ve never received an output where the fluid seems to evolve over time.
The fluids seems to be really static (see below, this is a simulation of 10 seconds with an inlet velocity of 5m/s)

I would expect that especially in the initial part the flow starts to spread and then reaches a stability.
I’ve been working on this problem for a long time but I’ve never had an output that satisfies me.
For this reasons i would ask if Modulus has the potential to do a simulation like for example it is possible to do it through OpenFoam, or else I’m doing something wrong.


I think you can check OpenFOAM settings. If this is a case of heat diffusion, you might need to increase the resolution and/or check units.

I cannot help you with nvidia modulus though as I am a beginner too.