Visualizing flow velocity for cfd simulation

Hello, im trying to use flow for some sort of wind cfd simulation… is it possible to visualize velocity trails of the flow smoke simulation by velocity somehow?

Also it seems that there is no turbulence in flow, so when the smoke collides with an object it doesn’t envelope it thus leaving the space behind the collider empty

Hello @marknoonmn! I’ve asked the dev team for Flow to help. Also, have you checked out our Modulus Extension?

NVIDIA Modulus is a neural network framework that blends the power of physics in the form of governing partial differential equations (PDEs) with data to build high-fidelity, parameterized surrogate models with near-real-time latency. The Modulus Extension combines Modulus with Omniverse, and allows you to explore Modulus-based simulations interactively

Hi, Thank you, unfortunately as i understood Modulus is only for Linux at the moment and I’m on Windows.

yes you can viz the velocity or temp as a color ramp.

go to flowOffscreen > debugVolume and enable “enable VelocityAsTemperature”

then you can go to FlowOffscrene > color map and set a color gradient

Oh ok Thank you I see, but it became quite useless as I discovered that there is no Turbulence in the simulation, is there a way to turn it on somehow? And as for the visualization: can i somehow slice the simulated volume and see the velocity of the slice? And maybe output the values to make a graphic scale

Any information?