can not find intrinsic ..sqrt - Internal compiler error


I need a help to solve this problem. I have a code that compiles perfectly on Intel compilers. When I submit the same in PGI returns this error:

ILM file: can not find intrinsic …sqrt
PGF90-F-0000-Internal compiler error. Errors in ILM file 1 (…/fontes/sistemaGauss.F90: 75)


Hi ccardoso,

What compiler version are you using? This is the same message as another problem report, TPR#18498 “Abinit - ILM file: can’t find intrinsic …sqrt”, which was fixed in the 12.4 compilers.

If you are using a later version than 12.4, can you please send a reproducing example to PGI Customer Service ( so we can investigate?