Compiling error doesn't make sense

I am very new with PGI fortran compiler and very rusty Fortran programmer. I have a program written in Fortran and successfully compiled with PGI compiler on other computer (windows 200). Now I am trying to compile this program on this new computer (Windows-XP). I am getting error on the second line of the program. Error message is:

"PGFTN-S-0034-Syntax error at or near end of line <./em1dsh.f:2>
"PGFTN-I-0035-Predefined intrinsic ifix loses intrinsic property <.em1dsh.f:314>

I looked at the line 2. Doen’t look like any thing wrong with it. I try to commented it out, still didn’t compile.

Positing that line and a couple before/after would help