internal compiler error

on a (fortran) code that succesfully compiles with other compilers, I get the following error message (pghpf 6.1):

PGHPF-S-0000-Internal compiler error. fix_static: equiv var but SEQ not set 681 (cojenF.f90: 147)

Am I using doubtful syntax maybe, or should I file a bug report?

Olivier Marsden

Hi Olivier,

Please send a report to and include a sample of the code which exhibits the behavior.

Is the code actually HPF? or are you using pghpf to compile a Fortran 90/77 code? If the code is not HPF, what happens if you use pgf90 instead?


Hi Mat, and thanks for the reply,
you are right, with pgf90 there is no problem compiling.
The reason I had been using pghpf over f90 was compilation
speed: the same code can take 3 to five times as long to compile
with f90, I don’t know why!
Anyway, I will send a bug report.