PGF90-F-0000-Internal compiler error

There may be several things amiss with the below code fragment from a much larger code, but the error

PGF90-F-0000-Internal compiler error. could not find use for ili 1300 (./des/drag_fgs.f: 577)

is not meaningful to me. Note that the code fragment is one small loop of a routine that ends on line 577. It is the only accelerated code in the routine and there is no variable “ili” if that is what it is trying to tell me.

Your insights much appreciated.

!$acc region
DO J = 1, JMAX1
drag_bm(I,J,K,1, 1:MMAX) = HALF*&
( drag_bm(I,J,K,1, 1:MMAX) + &
drag_bm(IMAX1,J,K,1, 1:MMAX) )
drag_bm(IMAX1,J,K,1,1:MMAX) = drag_bm(1,J,K,1, 1:MMAX)

( WTBAR(I,J,K,:) + WTBAR(IMAX1,J,K,:) )

drag_am(I,J,K,:) = HALF*&
( drag_am(I,J,K,:) + drag_am(IMAX1,J,K, :) )
drag_am(IMAX1,J,K,:) = drag_am(1,J,K,:)
!$acc end region

Hi John,

Can you please send a report to PGI Customer Service ( and include code that reproduces the error?

An internal compiler error (ICE) is compiler assertions where the compiler has entered an unexpected state. The messages are typically only useful to one of our compiler engineers. In this case, there is some issue with the internal intermediary language.