Problem with OpenACC

Hello everybody,
I’m new in this forum, but I have been working with Xavier, we are collegues.
I have a problem with PGI 12.4 in a fortran subroutine: the problem appears only if I compile with ipa and it generates an internal compiler error when it recompiles the source for the ipa:
PGF90-F-0000-Internal compiler error. Missing region ILI 0
(/scratch/castor/tiziano/OPCODE_branch/src/src_nudging.f90: 3200)
PGF90/x86-64 Linux 12.4-0: compilation aborted

It would be nice to know when the compiler issues the message “Missing region ILI”.
The line 3200, outlined by the compiler is where the subroutines which
uses OpenACC ends.
Thank you

Hi Tiziano,

Would it possible for you to send us a reproducing example?

An “Internal Compiler Error”, or ICE, is always a problem with the compiler itself. Though, the message is only meaningful to our compiler engineers within the context of your code, so we do need an example to understand the issue. Sometimes a similar issue reported by another user, however currently, I do not see any similar reports.


I sent a mail to user support with instructions on how to download the code I’ve prepared and reproduce the problem, for this and the other message I posted.
Thank you