Can NVIDIA contribute to open-source nouveau driver directly?

Hello !

It has been 1.5 years since the release of the openGPU kernel module, and only now the module was declared “beta” quality for desktop GPUs (GeForce). The module is still “not a candidate for Linux upstream”. And the initial blog post even said “There are plans to work on an upstream approach with the Linux kernel community”, but nothing happened.

Can NVIDIA just contribute to nouveau directly ? Maybe starting with small commits. For Linux home users the benefit of an in-tree module would be much higher then an out-of-tree module. Two kernel modules for the same GPUs now also means nouveau has to duplicate the development effort for the NVIDIA module.

Now that the GSP firmware is redistributable, can NVIDIA also distribute the missing reclocking firmware for Pascal and Maxwell cards please (it’s been so long) ? Maybe the same (or similar) firmware from proprietary driver, but with a redistributable license. Because the Pascal generation is still locked out of an open-source driver without reclocking, and remember Pascal was such a successfull architecture, maybe even more so then Ampere (for its time).

Cheers to everyone and thanks again to NVIDIA for opening the GPU kernel module in the first place, plus ending the series of missing reclocking firmwaremfor nouveau with the new GSP fw.

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