Possible to modify the official/beta driver to support outdated GPUs?

The new release of the Linux beta driver supports Mir/Wayland and seeing as my GPU (310M) stopped being supported in the official driver I wondered if there was a way to modify the installer to force it to install.
I know the hardware can handle it.

No. There is very little you can patch yourself with the closed source NVIDIA drivers. You can patch the code bits that are compiled against your kernel headers so that it works with the dev branch of the kernel, but even just Xorg ABI support is beyond reach.

You can always run the installer manually but I bet there are some sanity checks in the kernel driver and even if you hack them too, perhaps the code responsible for driving your generation of GPUs has already been removed so basically forget about newer drivers.


“The Linux 340.* legacy driver series is the last to support the G8x, G9x, and GT2xx GPUs, and motherboard chipsets based on them. Support for new Linux kernels and X servers, as well as fixes for critical bugs, will be included in 340.* legacy releases through the end of 2019.”

You can’t modify anything, Tesla driver support is stuck at R340 driver branch. Later driver branches don’t have the code that supports Tesla legacy hardware at all.

Later driver branches don’t have the code that supports Tesla legacy hardware at all.

Couldn’t the code be added?

The NVIDIA driver is closed source if you haven’t noticed. ;)

Great meming friend ;)
Really though, if they wanted to, they could add the code necessary to run older GPUs to the closed source driver. What’s stopping them from doing so? Other than the cynical refusal to support older but perfectly good hardware? Plenty of those GPUs they’ve removed support for could handle Wayland/Mir just fine.

Support for older hardware is dropped to control the maintenance burden. The current mainline branch supports als DX11/OpenGL 4.5 cards, so they are all similar in terms of hardware features.

You’ve never done software development, right? And you’ve never run any business, right?

Perhaps you need to educate yourself, then come back again.

Ironically you’re wrong on both counts

Ironically NVIDIA is not a government/charity organization.

If you don’t ask you don’t get ;)

Just an additional note, the Windows driver for the same GPU family got an update in March 2016.

Obviously actual money is dedicated to Windows driver development, but I do think if more of us kicked up a fuss we could get some more momentum behind Linux drivers.

The legacy drivers get updates for critical fixes and support for new X servers and kernels. New features like DRM-KMS support will not be back-ported, and support for legacy GPUs will not be added back to the newer driver branches.