Why is the kernel support piss poor for the legacy drivers?

According to your legacy support doc


304xx support ends end of 2017
340xx support ends end of 2019

Neither driver supports greater than kernel-4.8, 4.12 was released a few weeks ago!!

Where is this promised support?

Don’t see anything like “we promise to support new kernels and X.org releases in a timely manner”.

Instead I see “Support timeframes” which doesn’t mean anything.

Sarcasm aside older GPUs are better served by nouveau anyways.

Can we please have an 340xx update for kernel-4.8, 4.12 ?

raveit65, I had recently posted a working patch for Nvidia Driver 340.102 using Linux Kernel 4.12.

It works well, please use it.

Link: https://goo.gl/wDLTBr

Kernels module sources can be patched. The real issue is Xorg releases.