Legacy drivers 304.* for Linux Kernel 4.*

Any release plans?

I’m running 304.125 on Linux 4.0.5 on Arch just fine.
The package only seems to carry a minor patch:

thanks, blackout24!

Nvidia, why there is no official 304.126 with kernel 4.* support?

The legacy branches are low priority (they always lag a bit, has been the case for years), and considering there’s a simple 3rd party solution, there’s no pressing need for a new release.

BTW, Nvidia never talks about release plans or feature plans, so don’t expect an answer in this regard. Things happen when they happen.

besides that, i applied these patches:

so everything seems to work now

I need the 304 64bit linux version to 4.15 kernel. Could someone compile it please?
The 340.107 and 340.108 version makes my lightdm freeze. Some people say the 304 version could help.
I use Linux mint