nvidia drivers and linux kernel versions


Could you please tell me what are the latest versions of linux kernel that the following drivers work with:

nvidia 304.123
nvidia 331.20
nvidia 367.27

The reason of asking is because in our organization we are currently using kernel version 3.9.2. The above drivers build and run fine with 3.9.2 kernel. But we are now planning to upgrade to newer version kernel but still want to have the above drivers work. Therefore, the need to know the latest kernel versions.


4.10 is incompatible with all of them.

(I guess you meant 4.9.2, not 3.9.2 which is ages old and unsupported)

I did mean 3.9.2 and not 4.9.2.

The above three drivers do compile and run fine with 3.9.2 but want to know what’s the highest version of linux kernel I can use with them.In our organization, we are planning to update kernel but still need these drivers to support legacy systems.

4.10 requires patching. 4.9.13 works fine without patching (4.9 is a long term support linux kernel release).
If you work for an organization, it may be wise to stick to 4.9.xx releases as they are supported upstream till 2019.

Edit: Nevermind, those nvidia driver releases are old. You may want to upgrade to the 340.102 and 304.135 legacy releases which should work with your older hardware.

Current NVIDIA drivers run fine with everything up to 4.9.x.

GRID K520 users are directed to use 367.* and 367.57 breaks on 4.9.