xubuntu, xfce 4.8 and an old geforce3

geforce3 ti 200…

i have used windows for a long time now and i have never had any problems with this card, from xp to win7.
on windows i can get 1280x768,1360x768 and 1440x900, but on xubuntu the highest i can get it 1024x768.

i love the how linux runs and everything, but this is a game changer and i can’t put up with low rez.

when i try to install this: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.07-pkg1, i get:

“No precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel; would you
like the installer to attempt to download a kernel interface for your kernel
from the NVIDIA ftp site (ftp://download.nvidia.com)?”

i hit enter a few times and the installation fails…

i know this card is old and i have a feeling it’s not supported any more, but there has to be something i can do, all i want is 1280x768. i mean if windows can do it, shouldn’t linux be able to do it to? i tried to use xrandr to set the 1280x768 resolution and i was shown a blank screen and oddly enough i can get 640x480 on linux but not in windows… O_O

here is the driver package i use for windows: 71.89_win2kxp_english.exe
it’s for xp, but still does what i want in win7…

What kernel version? Honestly I have a feeling that any old legacy driver is going to have problems building modules for newer kernels. I honestly think its time to spend $30 on a newer video card and toss that junker.

The 96xx series is end-of-life, meaning it will not get any further updates. It supports kernels up to 3.4 (though you need to specify PATCHLEVEL=blah on the commandline to workaround a crappy kernel version check) and xorg-server 1.12. Xubuntu LTS should fit these requirements.

Though I think it’d be much simpler to just use the nouveau driver.

thank you so much for the replies, much appreciated.

my kernel version is: 3.5.0-37-generic

dude i wish i had the money, though $30 isn’t a lot of money to some, but it is to me atm.

im a linux n008, i have alot of experience with windows. if you could show me, i will spread the info, might help someone else that has an older system laying around, that could be put to use. ;0)

it doesn’t matter if i get beautiful effects or w/e, i just need a little higher rez, since i have a 46 inch lcd tv hooked up to this dino. :0)

i think im using the vesa drivers, how could i make it use “nouveau” driver?

again, thank you both so much for responding.

thanks you so much Gusar, i downloaded that kernel and deleted all the other nvidia stuff and boom it all popped up in the driver update thing.

you set me on my way and helped big time, thanks alot!

I’ve now read the 96xx driver supports kernels up to 3.6

As for nouveau, should be as simple as installing xserver-xorg-video-nouveau