Wayland Support ?

NVIDIA Driver support wayland ?

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I have a similar question. I have read claims that the legacy driver (390.129) does support Wayland but I have never got it to work despite all my herculean efforts. I cannot even get Vulkan to load. Could someone officially confirm definitely whether or not the legacy drivers support either Wayland or Vulkan on a Linux system?

My specific system is as follows:

  1. Driver Version: 390.129
  2. GeForce GTX 550 Ti

The 390 driver does support Vulkan.
Your GTX550Ti doesn’t support Vulkan since it’s a Fermi gpu. No dice.

Wayland should work but this depends on the compositor used, it has to include the nvidia specific patches. EGLstreams have been included since the 364 driver and not been changed eversince, afaik.

Thanks a lot. That was very helpful. The Vulkan explanation finally resolves the mystery I have been struggling with for months.

With regard to Wayland, I have tried the only compositors I know off: GNOME-wayland and KDE-wayland. Where are NVidia specific patches found for these two? Also, are there any other compatible compositors?

KDE/Kwin included this only recently
Gnome/mutter had this for some time but not in a stable manner so this was often disabled by distros.
Don’t know of any other WMs supporting eglstreams.

Thanks for the information. I have tried both applications without any success. The KDE version is just junk - it completely freezes my system necessitating a hard reboot. The GNOME version doesn’t freeze the system but all I get is a blank screen. I wonder, in the case of GNOME, whether it is caused by a file supplied with openSUSE’s GDM (/usr/lib/gdm/gdm-disable-wayland). This file is called from another one (/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/61-gdm.rules) which disables Wayland when using the proprietary NVIDIA driver with a line:

DRIVER=="nvidia", RUN+="/usr/lib/gdm/gdm-disable-wayland"

I am not sure if this simply applies to GDM using Wayland or to all use of Wayland.

That’s disabling wayland for gdm and any session it starts. Comment out the udev rule to enable it.

I commented out the offending line in the udev file, but gdm will not start at all using the Wayland. All I get is an error:

... Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
... cannot open display: :0
... WARNING: software acceleration check failed: Child process exited with code 1

as gdm terminates.

I also tried running gnome-session (wayland) directly on the console without success. Basically, the same errors occur. For clarity, the Xorg versions work without a problem - only the Wayland versions fail.

So I went ahead and installed Weston-7. This works as expected from within an X11 session. However, I cannot get it to start using a Wayland or DRM backend. I get the following error:

kernel: [drm:0xffffffffc070b7bc] *ERROR* [nvidia-drm] [GPU ID 0x00000100] Flip event timeout on head 1

This suggests that the problem is caused by the NVIDIA kernel module (nvidia_drm) and not GNOME or Weston … Or am I missing something here? I guess my question is: has this module ever worked with my type of GPU?

Did you set the correct nvidia module parameter, e.g. by using the kernel parameter

I think I did. I have a file /etc/modprobe.d/50-nvidia.conf with the following contents:

## Set user (0=root), group (33=video) and file mode of Nvidia device
options nvidia NVreg_DeviceFileUID=0 NVreg_DeviceFileGID=33 NVreg_DeviceFileMode=0660
## Enable atomic kernel modesetting (1 = enable, 0 = disable (default))
options nvidia_drm modeset=1

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (653 KB)

Looks correct.
Please run nvidia-bug-report.sh as root and attach the resulting .gz file to your post. Hovering the mouse over an existing post of yours will reveal a paperclip icon.

I attached the log to an earlier post. It seems to contain lost of reports of changed/old files from old installations and previous kernels. I most of those items are not relevant to my current setup.

I installed the latest KDE wayland session app and tried again without success. I think I can now definitively conclude the following:

  • My Nvidia video card chip/driver does not support Wayland
  • Similarly, this combination does not support the Plymouth graphical splash
  • We have already established that the chip does not support Vulkan

What puzzles me is why the claim was made that the driver supports Wayland? It is clearly not the case. So I am left with one question:

  • I assume that the Nvidia cards were targeted to systems running Windows rather than Linux
  • Is this problem unique to Nvidia chips/drivers running under Linux? If so, what is the underlying issue? Why would other video cards run Wayland and not these ones?
  • You need gnome wayland. See: https://wiki.gnome.org/Initiatives/Wayland/NVIDIA

    Thanks for the tip. I have already tried all manner of wayland types (weston-7.0.0, gnome-wayland-3.34, kwayland-5.65.0, plasma-5.17, …) and the results are consistently the same. Nothing works. I am pretty sure that at least for the GeForce GTX 550 Ti running the driver version 390.132, wayland does not work at all. Perhaps is works on some other combinations of GPU and driver.

    version 390.132 is too old

    As far as I know, the driver v390.132 is the latest version that supports the Geforce 500 series cards - or am I mistaken? So, in my case, the 4xx series drivers are of no use at all.

    I’m a Kde Neon user and switching to wayland environment my desktop goes dark, the system crashes. I don’t understand the reason. I use an Nvidia 1050 ti VGA and the system run 435.21 Nvidia drivers.

    Hello everybody, Sam here. I got the same problem to start wayland with an Nvidia Geforce 1050 Ti.

    It seems, that NVIDIA still does not understand, why “COMMON” IT-standars are so important for developers. In this way this company just harms itself i.e. selling fewer products. Sorry but how are we supposed to develop clean and modern Display Visualities for customers with NVIDIA Products? Linux is the base for millions of millions devices all around the world. And it gets even more important because of Products like stadia/google and Steam OS and overall x-plattforms.

    One Example: Features like rtx are the right direction to go. But it is the developers who have to support this and NVIDIA is not the only company in graphics. Please stick more to common and open standards NVIDIA. And please support vulkan much better as well. Thank You

    What? Nvidia does support Wayland and Xwayland is on its way. Gnome accepted Nvidia patches.