Wayland Support for nvidia-settings?

Now that Nvidia supports accelerated XWayland, are there any plans to add Wayland support to nvidia-settings? Without it, users will be unable to control anything to do with the GPU - no clock speed control, no power limit control, and most importantly, no fan control.


Yes, this is a bit of a problem for us at the moment. My xorg session is broken for my user so I am forced to use Wayland for the moment. I’m curious to know if this will be addressed with Ubuntu 21.10 defaulting to Wayland and being released shortly.

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Nvidia will release a nvidia-settings compatible with wayland in future driver versions. Only wait.
Some settings can be done editing conf files and using command line.

You are saying issues when using xorg session and with wayland works without issue ?
You is using what Ubuntu version ? 20.04.3 and 21.04 using xorg works using driver current version.

Until those settings are released, do you have any documentation or articles to point to for us to take a look at for Wayland configs?

In moment I not use wayland and not known details about configurations.
Remember that driver 470 was a begin to support wayland.
I has watched some videos comparing performance between xorg and wayland showing a bit more performance for wayland , but see also that wayland is recent and some softwares are begining to add support to wayland.


No they can’t. Not anything hardware related, other than power limit. GPU clock, Memory clock, fan speed, none of that can be controlled with the command line or any config file using Wayland. There ARE no config files for Wayland, .nvidia-settings-rc only works with nvidia-settings which is Xorg-only.

Need Wayland support and especially Reflex support urgently.


The perfomance gain using wayland not is big comparing between xorg mainly about input latency.

Any update on nvidia-settings for wayland? using debian, nvidia driver 525.60.11