wayland with nvidia drivers

any notice support nvidia drivers with wayland?

Any distro shipping Wayland already?

archlinux can install and use by community repos


One distro having packages you can play around with isn’t going to cut it. Before distros start shipping Wayland as the default display server, there’s no incentive for Nvidia to provide drivers.

Why are people so eager to have drivers? What good will they do you? Wayland isn’t in a state yet where it can actually be used.

this is like a “oroboros” (tail is eaten by itself),

wayland don’t include in distros because don’t exist blob Nvidia driver (used by MOST nvidia users), and Nvidia don’t make driver compatible because wayland don’t use by default in distros (why? , don’t exist KDE and GNOME and others to install if you like, independent if use by default in their distro?)

this is he same, exist Xorg and Wayland (and others, but this two are “mature” to use). but have a “little” difference… Xorg have Nvidia drivers, Wayland no. for this, Xorg is a default.

when exist nvidia drivers for wayland, this server get by default in all distros


sorry my english

What if you want to help the Wayland developers in testing and developing? A very common thing in the Linux ecosystem, where helping out and working together is a very important thing. You can’t do that if you don’t have a driver.

NVidia should be working together with the Wayland devs. Early problems can be spotted and help make support for it 1st class. With your way of thinking, people should start thinking about supporting something at the very last minute. This only results in crappy and rushed results that then need a long timer to iron out.

I prefer thinking ahead and being ready and prepared. Imagine if NVidia had adopted your way of thinking in other platforms, like Windows 8. Deliver drivers at the very last minute, with no time to properly test and optimize them. Sounds like a very bad idea and shows lack of foresight.

if do not have drivers for testing, wayland always be a toy ("oroboro’s again)

So, tell us what you know.

Not sure if trolling :-/

@birdy, are you nvidia worker? if not, then shut up

then stop trolling. please

I’d like to believe that Mir and Wayland will be ready by the end of the year.

Err no, that’s not why Wayland isn’t in distros. It isn’t there because it’s not usable yet! No DE has been ported yet, there’s just some demo stuff. That’s not to say DEs aren’t in the process of being ported, they are, but it’ll take time. What’s the rush? Give people time to make things happen. Or, if you can, join them in making it happen.

You give waaaaaaaay too much importance to the nvidia blob. Thinking Wayland and DEs for it will magically be ready as soon as Nvidia releases a driver is downright silly.

Simple, you use a graphic card/driver that works with Wayland already.

It really, really irks me when people generalize what I say, when my words are meant only for the specific case being discussed. Which is Nvidia and Wayland.

So no, my way of thinking isn’t “people should support stuff at the last minute”. It’s “considering the current state of Wayland, and considering Nvidia’s priority when it comes to Linux is workstations, it makes full sense that Nvidia isn’t prioritizing a Wayland driver yet”. That’s it. Everything else you’re reading into it is your fabrication and as such pure nonsense.

Nvidia should not wait for when and if Wayland will take off and etc. They need to participate in active development. So all these references to nouveau are pointless. The situation is better with ARM though, since Tegra driver is moving to become open source and it means that Wayland support will be forthcoming.

Regarding DEs - many aren’t fully ready yet. KDE for example is still in the process of enabling Wayland backend. It doesn’t mean that Nvidia needs to sleep and wait for who knows how long. The earlier they’ll make the driver, the easier it will be for DEs to adapt it.

@birdie I once said that if you don’t want or can’t help then stop “don’t-use-nvidia-use-nouveau” bullshit here, please. Is it so hard for you to understand?

KDE 4.10-rc2 is usable with Wayland as backend. any news nvidia drivers with wayland compatibility?

SailfishOS uses wayland.

Gentoo seems to have unstable wayland/kde which can be installed.

So the number of distributions are increasing that are on the step of moving to wayland, either nVidia should start to work on an official wayland driver or supply a lot more help to the nouveau so we get an up to date opensource driver.

Where the **** did you get the idea that is was going to be 2+ years?

Gnome-3.12 plans to use wayland by default as the only mode and 3.10 has optional support.


I’d also really like to know if nvidia is working on EGL platform support. <-- even just a “yeah, we’ve been playing around with it, but no concise timeline” type comment would be fine ;) --> I guess (or rather assume) we won’t hear much from nVidia directly on EGL support in their driver until it lands.

From what i have heard, Wayland (or Weston?) does require an extra EGL extension (beyond spec), as well. Hopefully, it doesn’t lead to any extra hurdles…and since both Wayland and Mir require EGL ~ I’d have to imagine that Mvidia must be experimenting with support. <hopefully, anyway>

O.T - but do nvidia developers actually comment / read these threads much? just curious, if anyone knows; I mostly have only noticed user comments here (in the forums, generally speaking).

aplattner and sandipt make appearances every now and then, but generally only respond to the bug threads. so i don’t know if they read everything.

i haven’t seen plagman in a long time. i think he moved over to valve. i don’t know if he even works for nvidia anymore.