What is the status of mir/wayland?

I was wondering what’s the current status for mir/wayland implementation in Nvidia drivers is? if possible any ETA?

No status as there’s no support.

No ETA either 'cause NVIDIA does not comment on future features and products.

You can start using Wayland right now by switching back to nouveau.

This is the latest official status from October 2014:

Could be that some of the things regarding GBM and EGLStreams have changed, because Mesa and Wayland developers aren’t too convinced by the EGLStreams proposal. You can read the thread about it here:

With glvnd shipping now (although it still needs some work) I can’t think of any other bigger feature/changes that could be in the pipeline. Wouldn’t bet any money on it coming with the next beta driver, though. It also seems to be a problem to reuse the existing X driver from NVIDIA to 3D accelerate legacy X apps on Wayland through Xwayland.