XWayland + Gnome-Shell 3.32 Wayland Usage

I’ve been trying to make use of Nvidia’s eglstream wayland support for some time now and figured 3.32 was another good opportunity. I’ve been using nvidia-modeset for some time now so that wasn’t an issue, I removed the Nvidia blacklist from gdm’s udev config and am able to get into Gnome with Wayland working. So far, so good, and it seems to run great.

Problems come in as soon as I open basically any application. I’ve booted Firefox with the wayland GDK variable and confirmed that it does work with nvidia’s GL drivers, though it’s pretty slow (may be a Firefox issue). More troubling is that any X11 application I load is using mesa’s llvmpipe driver.

From what I can see looking at Gnome’s bug tracker and xwayland’s patch history, any xwayland >= 1.20.1 should be using eglstreams. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case… all xwayland applications I load show their EGL driver as being the mesa LLVMpipe driver.

Is there some configuration here I missed? Is Nvidia’s driver still not hooked up for xwayland? It’s frustrating how close this is to working but without X11 apps using the Nvidia driver it’s still not quite worth using.