NVidia Wayland drivers on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

I am trying to run my C++ viewer application on Wayland with NVidia drivers. The drivers and application are working fine on X11. I am using cmake for the build system and my viewer uses GLFW and FLTK 1.4.
Under XWayland and Wayland performance of my viewer is awful as my viewer reports it is using Mesa instead of the NVidia drivers. Since XWayland was also playing slow, I suspected the issue was EGL.
I changed my CMakeLists.txt file and had managed to, I think, link with EGL_nvidia. Performance went to 60 FPS from 15 FPS on both XWayland and Wayland at 4K videos. I was happy. Unfortunately I did not commit my changes or something in my environment changed with an Ubuntu update and now I cannot reproduce it.
There’s no libEGL_nvidia.so anymore on my system and if I link to it with a symlink to it is missing eglQueryString().
Was it just a fluke? Did Ubuntu pull the rug out on me? Is there a way I can do a LD_PRELOAD of the libraries? When I did ldd on my program I saw it is linking to libGL, libOpenGL and libEGL.