Is there at least hope of official Wayland support wihout XYZ workarounds?

I’m just wondering if Wayland is even in future scope. These ‘XYZ’ workarounds have driven me to posting this question. Either way, I’m thankful for the current support.

Anyone know of a current official’ish support forum for Nvidia+Wayland?

NVIDIA doesn’t comment on its future plans.

There’s no official NVIDIA+Wayland forum in existence.

Wayland is still far from being production ready and at this stage NVIDIA couldn’t care less to support it.

If you are eager to run Wayland, use nouveau.

Thread closed.

Hey Birdie,

as far as I can see there’s no moderator tag under your avatar, so it’s not your responsibility to “close” a thread…

I appreciate your effort here in the forum but you should let Aaron and the other moderators do their jobs…

After the whole MIR and Wayland discussion in the last days it’s a valid question to ask in which direction nVidia will go with there driver support in the near future. As a developer it’s necessary to get early information about the things to come…


sorry but you’re the troll here…and NOT the moderator.

Linux is not the name of any application, Linux is the kernel and therefore you need as Linux (kernel) developer to know things about KMS, DRI etc. What’s wrong about that ? I don’t care about GTK or QT, I care about Makefiles, C and ASM…

Back to topic…

Birdie is right,
gtk and qts are self-programmed toolkits, they don’t need any developer, nobody codes them!

You don’t know, but nvidia is speaking directly to the QT code.
Under NDA, of course, keep the secret!

HasiPopasi, birdie is fully correct here.

As a kernel developer, what Nvidia supports does not matter to you, because you’ll be working on the open source graphics stack and not concern yourself with Nvidia’s proprietary stack.

As an application developer, what Nvidia supports does not matter to you, because you’ll be targeting toolkits such as Qt and GTK and your app will work on whatever those two support.

As a toolkit developer, what matters is deciding which display server your toolkit will provide backends for, and that’s regardless of what Nvidia does.

As a DE developer, what matters is deciding which display server your DE will provide a compositor and shell for, and that too is regardless of what Nvidia does.

So basically, I don’t see why a developer would need to know Nvidia’s plans for future display servers.
A user might be interested to know, but considering distros switching fully to Wayland is still a long way out (I doubt anyone outside Canonical will adopt Mir, and I doubt Canonical will have it ready in the time frame they’ve presented), not even users need to concern themselves with Nvidia’s plans just yet.

Nvidia knows they’ll need an EGL driver at some point, and I’m sure they’ll have the driver ready when that point comes.

I think that if toolkit developers have to choose where to invest manpower, they will look to the most supported one(s)…