Nvidia driver 375.39 and 378.13 supports, and Vulkan, libglvnd, MIR & Wayland compatibility

A year ago, Andy Ritger at Nvidia posted on

[i]NVIDIA’s 364.12 GPU driver release series brings together a lot of technologies that users and developers may be interested in:

My questions are:

  1. Are the above mentioned supports (1 to 4) also available in Nvidia driver 375.39 and 378.13?
  2. Can Vulkan and OpenGL operate with Ubuntu’s MIR Display Server or just X-11 Display Server?
  3. Is it true that NVidia drivers presently do not work with Display Server that adhere to the Wayland Display Protocol? If true, what is the timeline for them to achieve compatibility?

In Nvidia’s website https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-driver, it states that 375.27.15 started supporting Vulkan in January 10th 2017. That is, the latest 375.39 driver supports Vulkan. So the answer to my Question 1 is yes.

Answer to Question 2 is Vulkan can operate with Ubuntu’s MIR. See http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-16-04-lts-to-ship-with-full-support-for-vulkan-in-mir-display-server-500543.shtml

  1. Vulkan support is present in all mainline drivers for like a year now, nvidia doesn’t just drop support for cool new features. That said, vulkan spec is evolving and nvidia keeps updating their implementation to latest standard of vulkan as needed.

3a) Practically no (technically wayland is merely a protocol that gets implemented by wayland compositor).

3b) Nvidia doesn’t comment on future releases. They already proposed a EGL-stream based implementation which got shut down by most wayland compositors. There are many moving parts in attempting to upstream nvidias idea and at various points in time several patches were proposed to upstream projects.

To best of my knowledge the answer is “not yet” and “it’s complicated”.