Can trt7 be used with CUDA 10.1?

Dear all, I saw in the trt 7.0.0 developer gudie that the possible versions of CUDA is 10.2, 10.0 and 9.0. The cuda version seems very strict with trt7.
Currently, I have CUDA10.0 normal release. Should I update cuda or it can work proper under cuda 10.1?


Officially TRT7 is not supported on CUDA 10.1.
Please refer to below link for platform matrix:


Thanks for the reply. However, it is not convenient to reinstall cuda and cudnn. Can I use the version for 10.0 instead?

CUDA 10.0 is supported in TRT 7. But is always recommended to use latest version since it will have additional fix/features.

You can refer the support matrix to check for your platform.