Can TX2 controll servo motor directly?

Hello, I want to controll servo motor directly by using Jetson TX2.

Is that possible?

Then how can i connect lines of servo motor?(GND, VCC, PWM)

At last, can i know any codes to controll servo motor?

Thank you.


You need to use the TX2 pinmux spreadsheet to modify the pin from GPIO to SFIO (PWM) pin.
Please download the spreadsheet from our download center to modify it.

Hello, WayneWWW.

Thank you for your fast reply.

I downloaded the spreadsheet from download center.

But i can’t see how i can modify it.

Could you help me plz?

Thank you.


Which part confused you? You could check the pin you want to use and there is a button in that row to choose whether that pin can be a pwm pin or GPIO pin.

Or you could just run jetson-io on your TX2 if you don’t understand how to use pinmux spreadsheet.

Thank you for your reply! WayneWWW!