Can you resize nvmultistreamtiler during runtime?


I have a pipeline with several sources with the same resolution, muxed and then displayed using nvmultistreamtiler → … → nveglglessink.

Using the show-source property of the nvmultistreamtiler, I can toggle between the different sources, or tiling them by setting it to -1.
However, the output resolution remains, distorting the output display.

Can this resizing be avoided?

  1. change the output source in the tiler by changing its show-source property. After this, so far, I’ve tried:

  2. Changing the width and height property of the nvmultistreamtiler (property updates succeed, but the caps downstream remain the same.

  3. After the previous point, adding a buffer probe, and forcing a capsfilter element with new requested resolution. This produces nvbufsurface: NvBufSurfaceCopy: buffer size mismatch and nvbufsurface: NvBufSurfaceCopy: failed to copy, before crashing.

Ive tried (1) alone, and (1) then (2).

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) GPU
• DeepStream Version Docker:

The nvstreammux “width” and “height” can not be changed dynamically during playback.
The caps can not be changed dynamically either.

The only way to change the display resolution is to set window size with x11 interfaces. There is sample in deepstream-test5 code.

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