can you team a Grid K1 for use with an RDS environment?

So many people doing VDI but for our company we have been successfully doing RDS environment for years. with 2012R2 and now 2016 we were using a K4200 and it was working well but was trying to utilize a multi- GPU much like SLI…

Is this even possible with the Grid Card? when we had it installed we could see all 4 GPUs but all the load went to only 1 GPU.

Multiple GPU cards are not supported for bare metal - the M6 (which only has one GPU can be used). It is a request we are aware of. One option is to virtualise and have 4 server VMs one for each GPU - although for a RDS server the K2 would be the normal recommendation - the K1 is designed for high-density VDI for office worker VDI. The spec of each GPU is below what it usually recommended for shared use.

For bare-metal a single GPU card e.g. a Quadro such as the K4200 would be a valid choice although we’d often normally see something more like a K6000 or even M6000 if using large numbers of users as again it’s shared resource.