GPU Selection for bare-metal Server 2016 session-based RDS

I am wanting to put a Dell Precision R7910 workstation in our rack. This will serve as a CAD/CAM box. For simplicity, I will deploy this with Server 2016 Datacenter installed directly onto the bare-metal chassis and use session-based RDS. I have tested the scenario and it works well. I am wanting a to incorporate a GPU to get the performance potential, but am confused on the offerings, if any, that support session-based RDS on the bare-metal chassis (Qaudro, GRID, Tesla…). There will be no VM’s anywhere in this scenario. I would like to be able to server 1-3 users. I’m having trouble locating an explicit answer. Can anyone point me in the right direction for which model GPU?




you could use GRID or Quadro but GRID would only make sense if you would run multiple RDSH instances with DDA for example. If you really want to run a single RDSH bare metal I would recommend to use a Quadro card like M4000 or P4000.

The GRID scenario would look like this:
Server 2016 bare metal installed with Hyper-V and DDA (Discrete Device Assignment) to passthrough the GPUs to the VMs. Then you would use the Tesla M10 (4 GPUs on the board) to provide 4 VMs running RDSH on the single host.




Thank you for the response and the thorough answer. This has increased my comfort level in picking out this hardware and has given me two scenarios to examine and weigh against each other.

Thanks for the help!