Cannot find nvidia_icd.json in Holoscan Playground on AWS

ubuntu@ip-172-31-0-168:~$ nvidia_icd_json=$(find /usr/share /etc -path '*/vulkan/icd.d/nvidia_icd.json' -type f,l -print -quit 2>/dev/null | grep .) || (echo "nvidia_icd.json not found" >&2 && false)
nvidia_icd.json not found

Hi there, could you please let us know the configuration of your machine and GPU / drivers? Does the file exist anywhere on your machine?

I have been following “Holoscan Playgroud on AWS” below.

I see, it looks like an updated version for the same AMI has removed some installations, I would suggest you to choose the older version AMI when launching your instance, instead of choosing the latest “NVIDIA GPU-Optimized AMI”. You could try searching for “Internal NVIDIA Deep Learning AMI 23.03.0-676eed8d-dcf5-4784-87d7-0de463205c17”, and instead of looking under “AWS Marketplace AMIs”, look under “Community AMIs” to find the older version AMI with this exact name. Meanwhile, we will look into updating the holoscan-playground-on-aws tutorial. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

I have successfully downloaded SDK version: 1.0.3.
Thank you!

Great to hear! Just to confirm, did you switch to the older version AMI and then it worked?

Yes, I switched to what you recommended.

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