cannot find supported cl version...


I tried to create cubin file of my CUDA program,
I gave this command

nvcc --cubin

and the result was

nvcc fatal: nvcc cannot find a supported cl version. Only MSVC7.1 and MSVC8.0 are supported

But I’m using vs2005(=vs8).
I don’t know what is the problem.

I execute the command on the route where file is located.
Should I do this on another route or should I install something?

Are you doing this in a normal command prompt? The commands you give should work if you are in a VS2005 command prompt (start->visual studio->tools->VS2005 command prompt). If you are on x64, open up the 32-bit command prompt and nvcc will magically use the 64 bit compiler.

Yes, I was doing that in a normal command prompt. ;)

Unfortunately, my VS2005 doesn’t have VS2005 command prompt in tools menu…

But reffering your answer, I executed vsvars.bat in a normal command prompt

and then executed same command(nvcc -cubin) on the route where my code is.

Although I had to copy&paste cutil.h into my project, finally I succeeded to get a cubin file!

Thanks a lot!!

If you try to run it from a normal command prompt, execute “vsvars32.bat” first.

edit:You edited yours before i finished mine! Anywho, it works, so hooray.

Oh it’s fun :D

But thank you for your help!!