Problems with VS2005 Express and cl cl.exe is not found


seeing a lot of discussions and no solution to the problems, I will state my problem once again.

I have VS2008 installed and want to use the nvcc compiler. As this is still not working, I installed VS2005 Express on a new machine, including CUDA 2.0.

When I start nvcc.exe it complains that nvcc cannot find a supported cl.

What could be the problem?

To explain a little more detail, I want to create a custom build tool which creates all the needed binaries. I only have to CUDA source files in my solution, the rest is generated by the custom tool. This is necessary for us, because we working in a C# environment and there is a lot of stuff to do, to get a regular DLL which I can use in C#. In fact the workaround to install VS2005 is not suitable for me. What I want to have is to copy only the necessary binaries from VS2005 (cl.exe and everything that is needed) to a common directory and start the CUDA compilation from there.

Are there any suggestions how to do this?


I’ve got the same error message with nvcc2.0+Visual Studio 2005 Express : “Only MSVC7.1 and MSVC8.0 are supported”.
cl.exe from 2005Express gives version number “15.00.21022.08”. So, where to get that old compiler? Or there is a workaround?

Are you 100% sure the path includes cl.exe?

Also, VS2005 is 8.0 (VS2005 actually installs to Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8)

Hello tmurray,

thank you for your suggestion to check the path. You were right, I had to set the --compiler-bindir explicitly – I’m so stupid… I have checked this on another machine, but not on the current installation.

Do you know what files and configurations I need to run nvcc without VS2005 installed? I want to copy the files from the original VS2005 to my project and create a custom build tool. Unfortunately nvcc doesn’t tell me what’s goind wrong when not all necessary files are

Thank you