compilation problem with VS 2008 even with CUDA 2.3


i’m new to CUDA and i am trying to build the cppIntegration-example from the SDK.

It worked for the Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition but now i’m trying to do the same with Visual Studio 2008.

I’ve installed the new drivers and CUDA 2.3.

When trying to build, it says:

Which is strange, because i’m using MSVC 9.0. (version of cl.exe is “9.00.21022.08”)

Or could there be problems when installing Visual Studio after CUDA?

Thanks in advance!

Did you try to run cl.exe from command line from arbitrary directory?
Probably, nvcc just cannot find cl.exe (when you have to run vsvars32.bat to set up your environment vars) or finds the wrong version (if you have installed also VS2010 or VS7).

I had the same problem with cl.exe. It is taken care of after adding the VStudio path or by running vsvars32.bat. Now I have following error during compile

c:\cuda\include\host_config.h(115) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file

: ‘crtdefs.h’: No such file or directory

Any idea what can resolve this problem? I am working on 64-bit Win 7.