Cannot install TensorRT


I am trying to install TensorRT via pip on windows, i am new to this but i ran “pip install nvidia-pyindex” which worked perfectly, then “pip install nvidia-tensorrt” which returned the error:

“C:\Users\Magic\AppData\Local\Temp\pip-install-hmcfh88w\nvidia-tensorrt_f68a79bb55924f0d825cccc5f57aa354\”, line 150, in
raise RuntimeError(open(“ERROR.txt”, “r”).read())
The package you are trying to install is only a placeholder project on repository.

-Note: The reason i am trying to do this is because my custom yolo model only gets roughly 15 fps even though it should be running on my GPU, the custom model was trained on YoloV5n using pytorch.


TensorRT Version:
**GPU TypeRtx 2070:
Nvidia Driver Version:
**CUDA Version11.7:
**CUDNN Version8.8.1.3:
**Operating System + VersionWindows 10:
**Python Version (if applicable)3.11:
**TensorFlow Version (if applicable)2.12:
**PyTorch Version (if applicable)2.0.0:
Baremetal or Container (if container which image + tag):

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Steps To Reproduce

pip install tensorrt

The model inference times are roughly 30-45ms btw


We recommend you refer to the official TensorRT installation guide.

Thank you.