cannot load shared file Question


I have an executable developed and compiled under CUDA 3.2 and I have a 64bit Linux machine with CUDA 4.0 installed. When I try to use the executable, I get “Error cannot
load shared file”. There is only under the lib and lib64 folders. I cannot recompile the executable. I don’t have the source.
And, I am a simple user without any superuser rights but I can solve this issue with admins if it is necessary. What is the best possible solution for me?

Thanks beforehand for the help.

Try creating a link with the needed file name

in /usr/lib/ sudo ln -s

those filenames might not be correct - use the names that are in /lib and in your error messages.

I’m not sure that is going to work (even if he had superuser rights).

Better get from a CUDA 3.2 installation (e.g. from installing into your home directory).