Can't boot into KDE WAYLAND session with 530.30..02

Unfortunately no, I haven’t found a way and have been staying on xorg.

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I can’t seem to get any DE working on Wayland with the driver. Maybe arch and derivatives are affected? I created a thread on the archlinux subreddit

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So it seems that this problem only happens when setting the monitor to 144Hz and above. 120Hz and 60Hz works fine for me. Thanks to a reddit user for figuring it out.

Thanks everyone for highlighting the issue, I have filed a bug 4026365 internally for tracking purpose.
Shall try to reproduce issue locally which will help in debugging issue.
Meanwhile, request you to please share nvidia bug report from repro state.

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I am able to repro issue locally where I see the problem when setting the monitor to 144Hz and 165 Hz respectively.
No issue is observed while setting refresh rate as 120 Hz and lower.
We will investigate and update on it.


Hey, any updates? This makes the driver physically unusable and should be priority for a hot fix or something. Many people are using Wayland at refresh rates above 120hz. It isn’t some niche group of people experiencing this problem.

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Same issue for me at 120hz on my HDMI TV.

I can boot into the new driver if I delete the line:

   Option         "metamodes"  ...

As soon as you use nvidia-settings again, your system will fail to hit graphical mode next time you reboot it.

@p7Z8wZYNt8H3hr , this is not the same issue. This issue regards a regression with nvidia on Wayland. what you are experiencing is a completely different issue.

How is this not fixed yet?? What do you guys not understand? This is a major bug and you guys have done nothing about it. This should’ve been priority for a hotfix. I am stuck using older drivers and have no idea when the next release is coming. Staff at nvidia have been able to replicate the issue also yet somehow I have not gotten a single reply. This is why the linux community doesn’t like nvidia. It’s stuff like this. Get your act together


@faaris.ansari I suppose you are right. I recently tried the new drivers again and I don’t even make it sddm. I found this in the logs:

02:32:43.651 UTC systemd-udevd.service nvidia: Process '/usr/bin/bash -c '/usr/bin/mknod -Z -m 666 /dev/nvidiactl c $(grep nvidia-frontend /proc/devices | cut -d \  -f 1) 255'' failed with exit code 1.
02:32:43.660 UTC systemd-udevd.service nvidia: Process '/usr/bin/bash -c 'for i in $(cat /proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/*/information | grep Minor | cut -d \  -f 4); do /usr/bin/mknod -Z -m 666 /dev/nvidia${i} c $(grep nvidia-frontend /proc/devices | cut -d \  -f 1) ${i}; done'' failed with exit code 1.

seems this is just an all around buggy release…

this doesn’t seem like an issue to me. Exit code 1 should mean it completed successfully.

“Exit code 1 should mean it completed successfully.”

Since WHEN? 0 means successful. 1 Indicates an error. This is basic stuff.
It even says it right in the message. “Failed with exit code 1.” Seems pretty straight forward and clear to me.

I already admitted it appears to be a different issue, but clearly something is wrong with this release causing both of our issues… I’ll leave it there. Take care.

ah sorry. My mistake I just got mixed up.

p.s. I also get this

I can only log into Wayland Plasma with 525 AND 530 when main monitor is set to 60hz. 120hz seems to lock the system up upon re-logging-in.

4090 here using EndeavourOS (ARCH).

Seems like this should be a easy fix really. Also It does not appear to affect ALL GPU models.

Thank you for letting us know that you are also experiencing this issue. I agree, this should be a super simple fix. It has been more than 2 months now and somehow this MAJOR bug has not been fixed yet. It should have been priority for a hotfix but once again nvidia doesn’t do anything.

Consider this another bump to the post too.

It’s hard to say but its possible there is ALSO a bug in Plasma Wayland somewhere because Gnome Wayland appears to work just fine. Wouldn’t be surprised if both driver and plasma wl had a bug contributing to this.

It has to also be a driver issue, as I am experiencing this on wlroots based compositors like Sway and Hyprland, and many others are experiencing this on Hyprland too (I am part of their discord community and everyone seems to be experiencing this)

Ok, well NVIDIA is a sleep at the wheel on this one!

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UPDATE: Finally did some more testing and I can say now that ALL desktops running under wayland will system failure to blackscreen and non-recoverable without reboot if screen hz is above 75.

This includes GNOME as I’ve did more testing now and found out that also is affected. So a pretty damn major NVIDIA bug if I do say so myself!

Also this happens on 525 and 530 drivers.

A temp fix would be to set the screen 60hz upon compositor creation/launch and after it loads set the user desired HZ rate… But it seems nobody is listening at NV, nothing new there.

back to the void…

Also this happens on 525 and 530 drivers.

What GPU do you have and which driver version were you running with the 525 series? I’m running 525.89.02 + GTX 1080 without issue on the latest KDE Plasma. It was the last 525 driver on the official nvidia-dkms package in Arch before the 530 update that broke everything, so I stuck with it instead of messing with AUR nvidia packages. Downside is it fails to build w/ Linux 6.3.x so I switched to linux-lts in the meantime.