Can't download certificate after passing the course

Hi there,

There’s a problem of issuing the certificate after course completion. I’ve enrolled the course " Disaster Risk Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery" and been qualified for the course passing grade. In the certificates session, I see a badge with the course title but once I clicked to the badge to download the certificate, nothing was loaded then. I’ve tried to reload the page several times but the issue remains.


Welcome to the NVIDIA forums. This may be related to a known issue. I have forwarded this to the DLI engineer for a look.

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Same here. Please let us know of a resolution when it becomes available.

We’re aware that some of our courses have outdated information about where to find the certificate. Your certificate can be found on your course dashboard at My Learning | NVIDIA

I can see the icon of the certificate (a badge-like symbol), but once I clicked onto it, there was nothing to be displayed.

here is the url after clicking to the badge:

Hello, we’re aware of an issue affecting the display of certificates for this particular course and are working to fix it, but unfortunately we don’t have an ETA at this time.

I am facing the same issue. The badge can be viewed in the dashboard. However, the certificate is not visible.