Can't not complete course

I have completed the course " Getting Started with Deep Learning" and the access task button said I passed, and that I should go to Progress and then press the “View Certificate” button. However this button is nowhere to be found, and I can’t see anywhere else, where I can get my certificate?

Cant not accesstask - I did it completed many times but no button “Access Task”

[Course |](https:// And when I exit, it lost all anything i do. )
Pleased help me check


Welcome to the forums. This issue will require the DLI engineer to assist. I have tagged him to comment here.


I have waited but have not received a response to resolve my problem


We’re aware that some of our courses have outdated information about where to find the certificate. Your certificate can be found on your course dashboard at My Learning | NVIDIA


My course dashboard still shows the course, but when I click on it, the certificate doesn’t show up, only a white screen



Our records indicate that the account associated with your email address is not enrolled in the Getting Started with Deep Learning course – are you enrolled using a different email address by chance? If so, I can provide a direct link to the certificate for you.

Can you possibly provide this certificate via email to me:
Thank you

We cannot provide a certificate for a course that you have not enrolled in, and we have no record of your enrollment in Getting Started with Deep Learning.

So now I have to take that course and learn it all over again, right?

Unless you have another email address that you used to register for DLI (I’m checking our database against the one you used to register for the forums), that is correct. We have no record of enrollment in Getting Started with Deep Learning for your account.

I registered DLI with the email
Please help me check it again
Minh Luan

We also have no records of that account ever being enrolled in Getting Started with Deep Learning. Do you perhaps need help with a different course?