Getting Started with Deep Learning course certificate won't show

I can’t find my course certificate. I’ve completed all the videos and did the assessment at the end and got over a 92% accuracy. It told me to go to the progress tab to claim it but it says I’ve only completed 33% of the course… I did the next steps and feedback too. But the other videos don’t show completed. How can I get my certificate?

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Hi @rwylieg

The DLI team is working to fix a known issue with the platform. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for a fix at this time.

Thanks for your patience as we work through this issue.

I gotcha. I just hope it’s soon as I paid $90 for the course, hoping to have a certificate I can see…

I also want to ask quickly, if I have finished “Getting Started with Deep Learning”, is there any reason to take the instructor-led “Fundamentals with Deep Learning”? I believe they are the same course but of course one you do yourself and the other is instructor-led but I just wanted to see if I’m wrong? I believe the “Generative AI with Diffusion Models” course is the same way.

Hi @rwylieg,

That would be a question for the DLI team. @tdahlin can you please answer this?


Hello, we’re aware of some outdated information in a few of our courses that reference navigating to the progress tab to access your certificate. This was true in an older version of our platform, but is no longer the case, and certificates are now accessed from your course dashboard at My Learning | NVIDIA. We’ve had some hiccups with certificates not showing up here recently, but we believe these issues have been resolved. If you don’t see your certificate there, please let me know and I can provide you with a direct link to your certificate.

To answer your question about the instructor-led “Fundamentals of Deep Learning” and self-paced “Getting Started with Deep Learning”, it’s as you suspect that they cover the same material, but one is provided in the context of being instructor-led. Our instructors may provide additional context for the material, or expand on the ideas explored in the material, and there may be some minor differences in how the material is presented, but the material covered is the same. The same goes for Generative AI with Diffusion Models.

Hi, I facing problem with certificate. I am unable to access my certificate. Previously it’s says if you need to access your certificate you need a 90 grade. After that I 90 grade but I am unable to access my certificate. Generative AI Explained.