Completed Course but progress status shows Progress: 50% and Grade: 0%

Prompt Engineering with Llama2 - I completed every section to completion and watched every video. I did the final exercise in the Jupyter notebook to completion.
However, the progress shows 50% and grade is 0%. Please advise on how to get credit for my work.

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Hi @rich.johnson,

Thanks for visiting the NVIDIA Developer forums. I will need one of the DLI engineers to assist on this issue.

Thanks for your patience,


I also have this issue with the same course.


Hello, we are aware of this bug and working to fix it. We apologize. It is not an issue at our end, but with the 3rd party vendor we use.


Yes I have the same issue, I just completed the course, Introduction To Generative AI and despite having the required score I do not have the certificate yet, hoping that these bugs get resolved soon

The Introduction to Generative AI course does not offer a certificate for completion.

I have the same issue as @rich.johnson. Not being able to generated the certificate because the error on the progress %.

I watched all the videos and ran all code cells in the jupyter notebooks. Still, the progress is stuck at 50%. I’ve bookmarked the available pages for testing (which are just two pages in fact), refreshed and restarted the course, but same negative result.

I suspect that you are having issues with the id="edx-iframe" component of your front-end in the page. Is this the 3rd party vendor that you referred to, @TomNVIDIA ?

Now one month has elapsed since the first problem was reported, could you please fix it already? or provide another solution to the problem?, this is a paid course, thus this issue is preventing Us from the certificate and I think it is fair to ask for it since we paid the fee.


Can you please tell us the course title that is giving you the issue?