Bug: Q1 - the first Question in Generative AI Explained - no correct answers

Hi there please click on the link below, it should show the questionnaire for Generative AI Explained - Click on the answers and click Submit - all the answers given show red/incorrect. What does that mean? Is this questionnaire not working? Please select the correct answers and check if the first question is functional? Please help, thank you.


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Same problem here, did you find a solution?

Hello @a.neosun @ric27.tec ,

Welcome to the forums. I have forwarded this issue to the DLI team for investigation.

Thanks for your patience,

Thanks for your reply. I really want to get that certificate, as it really really matters for my employment right now. I’ll be thrilled if you could fix it!

The team is working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA for resolution.

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Hi Tom! could be keep advancing the course and re take the quiz later? or should we wait? thanks!

Hi @ric27.tec,

Sorry, I don’t have the answer to your question. I am thinking that waiting is the best option IMHO.

Hi! I have completed the course but there is no certificate nor a single message that’s says course completed. Only my score.

How were you able to complete the course, @Ric27? Im not logged in so I cant tag you, hope you will see this email

I mean, were you able to pick your answers this time? @Ric27


Using chrome but I did finished and there is no certificate. Not even a “course completed” art or anything.

I used chrome too but a couple days ago, did you complete the course today?

I know a lot of people are interested in taking NVIDIA AI courses and certs, that led me here. No certificate - thats sad…

Hi all,

Unfortunately, this course does not have a certificate available. We’re aware of some courses not being moved to the “completed” section of the course dashboard at My Learning | NVIDIA. Is that affecting this course as well? If so, what percentage completion is it showing in the Progress tab for the course?

On the website it said there will be a certificate.
May you please share a link or a list of any Generative AI, Technical Art - related courses from NVIDIA? It doesn’t matter paid or not. Thanks for looking into this.

Can you please tell me where on the website it says that there will be a certificate? I will have to get that corrected, as this course does not offer a certificate.

Additionally, we do not offer any Generative AI courses related to image generation in our catalog.