Can't find vGPU Software vGaming


I am looking to build a gaming server capable of running AAA game titles at 1440p for 4 users concurrently. Thn clients will be used to stream the games from the server to the user/gamer.

For the GPU hardware i have thought of using a single or two Quadro RTX 6000 alongside other mainstream computer hardware.

I am trying to find information on vGaming vGPU Software for virtualization but couldn’t found any. Can you please help me on this ?

vGaming is not an offical offering and therefore you won’t find it. You can try to test with QvDWS licenses instead to see if it would work as you would expect.


Thanks Simon for your reply

One think i would like to understand is the concept of Virtual Display Heads.

Suppose a GPU supports 4 virtual display heads and 16 vGPUs in total. Does this mean that i can connect 16 thin clients with it or only 4 ?

16 for sure.